My Eleventh Published Writing: Poem “Mother Charity”


Yesterday, Foundling House published my poem “Mother Charity.” As this poem is in tribute to my wonderful mother, I am glad Foundling House published it on Mother’s Day! Please, go check out “Mother Charity,” as well as the rest of Foundling House‘s excellent website.

The form of “Mother Charity” see me playing around with the structure of haiku. Each stanza is based in haiku, but the number of syllables per line – and even, at the end, the number of lines per stanza – ebbs and flows: 575, 576, 577, 575, 675, 775, 575, 6765, 77775.

Most importantly, thank you, Mom, for your unconditional love all these years.

“Mother Charity” is one of a trilogy of poems I am writing where each poem corresponds to the themes of one film in Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Three Colors trilogy. My poem “Absence of Desire” reflects the themes of White, “Mother Charity” the themes of Blue, which is also my favorite movie. I am currently working on the third poem, to reflect the themes of Red, and I hope to publish it somewhere as well. My plan at the moment is to call that poem “Your Way” or “Valentine Autumn.”

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