Ethan’s Bio

Music in my veins, movies on my mind, my heart holds a pen, IT my profession. A Worker Poet.

Ethan McGuire grew up in the Missouri Ozarks, but eleven years ago he moved to the Florida Panhandle, where he currently lives with his wife, their daughter, and their Labrador on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. By day, Ethan is a healthcare cybersecurity professional. By night, he is a writer.

Ethan is a

  • co-admin, editor, and writer of music, TV, and film articles for E.D. – Music, Movies, Etc. (yes, the acronym is an intentional joke) at
  • admin, editor, and writer for The Flummoxed – A Writer’s Journey at

Ethan has contributed

Ethan’s debut poetry chapbook, “Apocalypse Dance,” releases through BSC Publishing in 2023.

Ethan has previously self-published 4 pamphlets, chapbooks, & books:

  • The Comedic Compilation
  • 15
  • Warrior Songs
  • Damon Dar-Par: Sword of Freedom

You can find Ethan on

  • Twitter, Letterboxd, Listnd, and IMDb as AHeavyMetalPen
  • GoodReads, Facebook, and LinkedIn as Ethan McGuire
  • Instagram and Spotify as EthanMcCollins
  • the Facebook page “ED – Music, Movies, Etc.”
  • the limited series Twitter account (22 tweets) NickCageQuotes

Ethan is and/or was a proud member of

  • Inscriptions Aspiring Writer’s Club (Summer 2007 – Spring 2011)
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals (Summer 2014 – Present)
  • IT Gulf Coast (Summer 2018 – Summer 2023)
  • the West Florida Literary Federation/Emerald Coast Writers (Summer 2019 – Spring 2021; Spring 2022 – Spring 2023)
  • a local Pensacola church (Summer 2019 – Summer 2023)
  • the Project Management Institute, Emerald Coast Florida Chapter (Spring 2020 – Spring 2021)
  • the Poetry Pub Writing Community (Spring 2020 – Spring 2023)

Ethan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in English from Pensacola Christian College.


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