Ethan’s Appearance on the Pod Dylan Podcast


On Saturday, May 14th, I appeared on the Pod Dylan podcast to discuss Bob Dylan’s “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” track from his most recent album, Rough & Rowdy Ways. The Pod Dylan podcast is an excellent show on The Fire and Water Podcast Network that celebrates Bob Dylan’s music one song at a time.

The host, Rob Kelly, asked me on the show after reading my The Flummoxed article “Bob Dylan: The Troubadour Plays Mobile – A Concert Review.” In this episode we talk about how I became a Dylan fan, my first Dylan concert, and, of course, the song “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” itself, to which we hope to bring more attention (although the track has had success, it is often overshadowed by the other Rough & Rowdy Ways tracks). I hope you enjoy the episode!

Pod Dylan episode “#208 – Goodbye Jimmy Reed”

“Bob Dylan: The Troubadour Plays Mobile –…

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