Publishing Journey #67-71: Five Poems

It’s been a while since I published any explicitly religious poems anywhere other than here at The Flummoxed! All of my work is Christian, because I am Christian and my spirituality permeates every part of my being. But other publications haven’t necessarily published a lot of my specifically Christian poems. I don’t think another publication has published a “Christian” poem of mine since August 2021, when LogoSophia published “A Man of Bethsaida.”

Thanks to Agape Review, I have ended this particular dry streak for now! On February 22, Agape Review published five of my Christian poems: “Creating Verse,” “I, Sisyphus,” “Living Water,” “Saint Monica,” and “Welcome Back.” You can read these poems at Agape Review. I hope you enjoy them and find something good in them.

As far as notes go: “Creating Verse” concerns some of my–and J.R.R. Tolkien’s–ideas on art creation; “I, Sisyphus,” funny enough, came to me after listening to Cody Jinks’s song “Cast No Stones”; “Living Water” has a lot to do with John 7; “Saint Monica” is for my mother; and “Welcome Back” is essentially a response to the Neil Young and Crazy Horse song of the same name.

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