Publishing Journey #59-60: An Essay & a Poem

I have more catch-up on publications of my work to share with you today! One is an essay and one is a poem. I hope you enjoy reading them!

  • Thank you to The Dispatch for publishing my third piece with them, an essay titled “Why Conservatives Should Care About Hip-Hop.” This has turned out to be the most readers have engaged with my work thus far, but the essay is also my most controversial piece thus far. My editor at The Dispatch was quite pleased with it though, and my wife said it’s one of my best essays, so I will take that praise. I must add that although this essay brought me by far the most negative comments I have ever had, they were also mostly thoughtful, which is not a surprise if you frequent The Dispatch‘s comments section. Read “Why Conservatives Should Care About Hip-Hop” at The Dispatch‘s website.
  • Thank you to the editors at the beautiful Calla Press for publishing my poem “Five Haiku for an Ozark Spring,” which is a poem made up of a series of five haiku that explores the symbolic relationship between Spring and the other three seasons, with the haiku coming from my memories of frequenting the Ozark Mountains where I grew up. Read “Five Haiku for an Ozark Spring” at Calla.

Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned, because I have more poems and essays coming your way soon!

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