A Publishing Journey, #51: Poem “The Pickled Cow”

To all you parents out there, The Dirigible Balloon is a wonderful little online publication of children’s poetry which you should check out. The latest issue, their April flight, includes a wee, fun poem by yours truly! “The Pickled Cow,” a short poem made up of two ballad stanzas. Thank you, Jonathan Humble and The Dirigible, for including me in your delightful venture! There are far too few children’s poetry publications in existence.

I am really starting to write some children’s poetry now that my wife and I have had our first child, and “The Pickled Cow” is the first children’s poem I have had published (unless you count “Snow,” which I sometimes do).

Go check out “The Pickled Cow” at The Dirigible Balloon, as well as the rest of the poetry at that lovely website!

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