A Publishing Journey, #50: Essay “Looking to Polish Cinema”

Saturday, I made my debut for The Dispatch with an essay titled “Looking to Polish Cinema.”

During our troubled days, we would do well to look to ways the Poles have confronted and processed years of national trauma and tragedies through film. I hope the article will inspire people to check out some of the great films Polish cinema has to offer, now of all times when Poland has war at her gates yet again.

The Polish have a rich cinematic history that seems as if it is becoming even more relevant now with everything going on right at their doorstep and truly involving them, sadly probably more so soon. And the article is not meant to put down any other country’s film scene, but with what is going on over there, I wanted to highlight them.

You can read “Looking to Polish Cinema” at The Dispatch, and, thanks to their unique, Substack-based, paid-for-by-subscribers model, you will not receive any ads to interrupt your reading experience, for my article or for any others at The Dispatch.

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