A Publishing Journey, #46-48: 3 Poems

Photo by Slava Abramovitch, Leonard Cohen Mural, Montreal, 2021

I would like to thank David L. O’Nan and Fevers of the Mind for including three of my poems—”Salt,” “Disciple Dash,” and “Jellyfish”— in Before I Turn into Gold, their Fevers anthology of writing and art inspired by the music of Leonard Cohen. This anthology came out online and in physical copies on 2/16.

This anthology is named after Cohen’s song “A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes.” Anyone familiar with O’Nan and Fevers will know they are huge Cohen fans, as am I. The three poems of mine that Fevers published in Before I Turn into Gold are inspired by Cohen’s songs “The Future” (my poem “Salt”) and “So Long, Marianne” (my poems “Disciple Dash” and “Jellyfish”).

David is putting admirable work into bolstering the writing community, and his work is worth supporting. You can find the anthology’s announcement on the Fevers of the Mind website, and you can order a copy there too.

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