“Snow #2”

It’s Christmas Eve, and so I sit here wishing for a white Christmas, as well as for more order and beauty in the world. I mean this poem below both to reflect the beauty I see in snow and to represent a resistance to entropy, illustrated through the organization and meter of the poem. Enjoy!

(This poem is called “Snow #2” because it is based on my original poem “Snow,” which was published years ago by Bob Jones University Press as a contest winner. You can read that in a post here on The Flummoxed.)

"Snow #2"

Snow is wonderful,
                                as it falls around
like Autumn leaves as they glide to the ground.

                                Snow cloaks the earth
                                                                     in a frosted gown,
                                white-woven water drifting down.

Fast, it descends in
                             to an earthy dell;
             it floats into an empty shell.

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