A Publishing Journey, #41-44: 4 Poems

I am proud of my four poems published this week at Fevers of the Mind after they solicited a sort of showcase from me last month: “Mother Charity,” “Absence of Desire,” “Valentine Winter,” and “Red Christmas Kettles.” The first three poems are poetic experiments based on haiku. “Red Christmas Kettle” is three three-line stanzas of blank verse dedicated to the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign.

“Valentine Winter” is a brand new poem from me. “Mother Charity” and “Absence of Desire” were previously published at Foundling House and Better Than Starbucks. Also, the first three poems—”Mother Charity,” “Absence of Desire,” and “Valentine Winter”—were partially inspired (though not “after”) Krzysztof Kieślowski’s beautiful Three Colors film trilogy.

Thank you, Fevers.

You may read these poems at the Fevers of the Mind website. Enjoy!

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