A Publishing Journey, #37-39: 3 Poems from 3 Publications

Today, I would like to catch up on my writing credits journey and record three poems of mine that recently showed up in three wonderful poetry publications. I am sorry, for the sake of these publications, that I fell behind.

  • Thank you also to the West Florida Literary Federation for featuring my poem “Hurricane Sally Aftermath” in their biannual Emerald Coast Review, which the WFLF has been publishing every other year since 1989. 2021’s is the 21st volume of the ECR anthology, and, as a Pensacola area writer, I have longed to place a poem in this publication ever since I first discovered the WFLF. To read “Hurricane Sally Aftermath” and take in all the other written and visual art in this collection, you may purchase the Emerald Coast Review on Amazon.
  • Finally, thank you to Vita Brevis for featuring my poem “Harmonia Mundi” on November 4th, alongside John Constable’s oil painting Hampstead Stormy Sky. Vita Brevis always pairs their poems with works of visual art, and for this reason, I specifically hoped to publish “Harmonia Mundi” there. You may read “Harmonia Mundi” on Vita Brevis‘s website.
John Constable – Hampstead Stormy Sky

Stay tuned, because I have more writing coming your way soon!

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