Ethan’s Podcast with Tyler Hummel and Hannah Long on The Green Knight

I recently appeared on a podcast to discuss a strange but impressive 2021 film, The Green Knight. This post of mine about the podcast appearance also includes links to other pieces of writing, etc. with which I was involved about the film and more. Check them out (but beware of spoilers!).


On Friday, September 17th, Tyler Hummel released his The AntiSocial Network Podcast episode “The Green Knight (Film SPOILERS) with Hannah Long and Ethan Collins – AntiSocial Entertainment,” in which Tyler, Hannah Grace Long, and I discuss and debate various aspects of David Lowery’s recent film, The Green Knight.

You may remember Tyler from the two GroupThink Productions Podcast episodes I did with him in September 2019 and in May 2020 and The AntiSocial Network Podcast episode I did with him in November 2020. Tyler is a prolific writer for various, well-respected culture sites (Arc Digital, Legal Insurrection, Geeks Under Grace, etc., even this website), and he has a series of podcasts—The AntiSocial Network—and a website—Cultural Revue. The episode I did most recently here is currently available to view on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and most other podcast platforms, like Bitchute…

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