“Beautiful Rich Girl”

In 1976, the superstar pop rock duo Daryl Hall and John Oates released their fifth studio album, Bigger than Both of Us. The album contained Hall and Oates most well-known song, “Rich Girl.” Now, Hall and Oates are something of a guilty pleasure for me, though not even a guilty pleasure favorite. “Rich Girl” inspired me, as a teenager, to write this poem.

"Beautiful Rich Girl"
Some guys love your beauty;
some guys love your money;
some boys, they just kiss you for the kiss.
Some guys love your night
then leave before daylight.
Will you ever find peace and true contentment?

Beautiful rich girl,
when will you see
you need someone who’ll make you happy?
Beautiful rich girl,
when will you know
you need someone who'll never let you go?
Beautiful rich girl.

You deal with every boy;
you like to flaunt your coy.
I have even had you mess with me.
But I made to run;
I knew had that begun
I could not have stopped it for my feet.

Beautiful rich girl,
will you hear me?
Rich won't let you be a wild deer.
Beautiful rich girl,
boys flock your side.
All they want is money and a ride.
Beautiful rich girl.

Thank God it's not too late
for you to slow down,
take a deep breath, and look around.
Yet if you choose and don't,
you only will grow old,
holding your bad memories and gold,
beautiful rich girl. 

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