“The Pendragon King”

With The Green Knight film now out in movie theaters, here is an old poem of mine about King Arthur and his court.

“The Pendragon King”

Waves list and swish about the oaken hull,
as the galley creaks and oars begin to roll,
and Roman banners can be viewed
departing Briton's isle.

King Uther’s dead; the people need a king,
as Saxon raids breath fearsome fire on the land,
while but weak armies do defy
the ever-coming flood.

Merlin, not an evil wizard, was
a man with a fiery few tricks up his sleeve,
and Merlin knew a thing or two
the people sure did not.

King Uther's death did leave a male child heir,
now a warrior, and chivalrous, besides.
Merlin thought, “Tis now the time
to present this youthful one.”

Into the finer castles Arthur went.
At Merlin's instructions and introduction, too,
Arthur announced himself as king,
but the people doubted this.

Even barons understood when Merlin spoke,
so speak he did, and gave a great long speech
of Arthur's birth and nobleness.
At this the people awed.

All subordinates were glad thus to be ruled
when they found what kind of man young Arthur was.
That is apart from a troublesome few
who wanted bad the kingly spot.

The baron villains called out Arthur to do war
with them on the morrow, high noon's hour.
Try they would to defeat him there,
and they were sure they could.

Arthur advanced with his Round Table of knights,
was ready for the battle’s advent at noon,
with Lancelot, Merlin, and other men
and Lady Guinevere at his side.

The parting troop asked God's help on the day,
for the help they needed was surely His.
Then they formed a long line for quick charge
and stopped in a field of expansive green.

Soon the armies both met in their splendor:
A sea of lances, helmets, men, and horses.
Soon both lines eased forward and met
with a clash of steel upon steel.

Arthur and Lancelot were dashing to and fro,
while Merlin cast fire among the ranks,
and Arthur’s bride, Guinevere, bent back her bow,
the day's fighting being quite fierce.

Within an hour, the day turned for King Arthur
and his knights as the battle raged on.
The enemy gave up their swords,
surrendering themselves to the king.

And when the battling was all done and o’r,
Arthur invited all to come and dine a feast
with him on the morrow, and he
would listen to their plights.

Arthur Pendragon ruled for many years
and enjoyed many a happy time
and kept Briton safe from enemies
until his dying day.

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