A Publishing Journey, Pieces #25-29: 5 Short Poems

Yesterday, David L. O’Nan published five short poems of mine over on his website Fevers of the Mind. David has graciously included me in the writing community he is currently engaged in building at Fevers, a group he has dubbed his “Wolfpack.” David and I have published these poems here as part of that community, five micropoems:

Two haiku (“Home” and “Good Weather Bad”), two short poems influenced by haiku (“The Warm Front” and “Burnt World-Heart”), and one 8-line, slant-rhyming poem (“Thorn & Shout”).

These five poems are part of a book collection that I am almost finished assembling, to be called Apocalypse Dance. Like that collection as a whole, I mean these five short poems to convey a sense of a coming or looming despair with small glimmers of hope peeking out from behind the anxious clouds. Enjoy reading these collection-sneak-peek pieces!

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