A Publishing Journey, #24: Poem “Grandfather’s Clock”

Thank you, Vita Brevis Press and editor Brian Geiger, for featuring my poem “Grandfather’s Clock” in your recent Brought to Sight & Swept Away: A Poetry Anthology About Time, published Friday, April 23 and inspired in theme and name by a quote from Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, Book IV.

I am honored my first inclusion in a poetry anthology is with such an excellent, appropriately-designed collection. I am happy, too, that the community responded well, making Vita Brevis Press, Volume II #1 on Amazon’s New Release Poetry Anthologies Bestsellers list the weekend of the book’s publication. Currently, two weeks later, the anthology is #14 on that same list.

I have been revising, submitting, and re-editing “Grandfather’s Clock” for some time now, hoping to get it published in honor of my grandparents, so I am glad I finally got the piece right!

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