7 Days of Valentines Poems, #6: “The Beam”

Rays of Sunlight Striking a Woodland Path, Friedrich Salathé, 1815, via the National Gallery of Art, open access

You may notice this poem seems similar to an earlier poem in this series: “The Dove.” Ok, well, I confess, “The Beam” is “The Dove” reworked. “The Beam” is still a Shakespearean sonnet, but stricter than “The Dove” in meter, feet, and syllables, though the rhymes are still a little loose.

"The Beam"

A beam of love shines always through my heart, 
Declaring loves I have for humankind. 
Its travels only vary by whose caught, 
And not by whom I think-love in my mind. 
My love, she is the first girl I have seen 
Whom the beam chose for my forever love, 
With passion in which marriage long has been, 
Much like love God shows all us from above. 
Your character flows truer than beauty, 
Though beauty showers ‘round you like a star; 
Your poise of faith and feeling pleasantly  
Show you worth e’en observing from afar. 
Hear the beam whisper silently to us, 
“Love binds you; ever bind yourselves. You must!” 

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