7 Days of Valentines Poems, #5: “With Imperfections”

Heads of a Man and a Woman, Adolph Menzel, 1899, via the National Gallery of Art, open access
"With Imperfections"

I am just a man, 
but you make me better. 
My imperfections, 
desire to have things right, 
might have hurt me in your sight: 
I’m sorry. 
Your beauty . . . 
I’ll take you with all your imperfections. 
I want them. 
They define you just as the other things do. 
There’s no one I’d rather be with but you. 
I’ll treat you well. 
From the first time I met you I liked you, 
and as our relationship grew 
I wanted you to be more than just a friend. 
Now I realize that I’ve waited for this too long. 
Will you take me with all my imperfections?

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