7 Days of Valentines Poems, #3: “Mynorca”

A Man Reclining and a Woman Seated on the Ground, Antoine Watteau, 1716, via the National Gallery of Art, open access

When I first gave this poem to the wonderful woman who would become my wife, I called it “Mynorca” because it is an acrostic. “Will you go with me to Fine Arts?” was the message, Fine Arts being a formal event our university held once every semester. Thankfully, she said yes.


 When I examine my life,
 I realize how dully it would pass without friends.
 Laughing is tedious alone.
 Loving is tougher without friends to love.

 You flew into my life, became a friend.
 On meeting you, I suspected this would happen.
 Until later, I did not know how much a friend you’d become.

 God crossed our paths, I’m sure.
 On now we walk, how long?

 With you I feel at ease; I love our conversations.
 I would sit, watching you, talking with you,
 Throughout the sun’s tracing arc from east to west.
 However long I’m with you is too short a time.

 My heart knows life when I see you.
 Ethereal light dances your approach.

 Too many times my friendships are so light.
 Ours is not: You, the magnet, pull my iron heart to you.

 For how long this beauty of our friendship lasts
 I have no idea. Only God knows, and yet,
 Never am I tempted to cut this off because of future pain.
 Everything our friendship holds is worth the price.

 Are you, I wonder, thinking the same things?
 Really, have the same thoughts whisked your mind?
 To hear you say they have, I feel a rising joy.
 So tell me, please, your answer, if you understand.

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