Songs for Christmas, #4: “Snow”

Alfred Sisley, First Snow at Veneux-Nadon, 1878, via the National Gallery of Art, open access

I have always found Winter fantastic. Christmas has always held me spellbound. In fact, my very first published poem delights in Winter: “Snow,” published by Bob Jones University Press as a BJU poetry contest first-place winner in my age category, and I was fifteen at the time. I am presenting “Snow” here unaltered.


Snow is wonderful as it falls around,
like autumn leaves as they glide to the ground.

Snow cloaks the earth in a furry gown,
white-woven water falling down.

Fast its descent into an earthy dell;
steady it fell into an empty shell.

A mother sweeps the snow. Swoosh! Swoosh!
A child speeds down a hill. Whoosh! Whoosh!

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