Songs for Christmas, #3: “Why I Love Winter”

Man in Snow, Henry Inman, 1825, via the National Gallery of Art, open access

“Why I Love Winter”

I love the harsh beauty
when everything freezes up
encased with frost,
when I can see every breath
swirl smoke-like from my mouth.

I love to see snow
floating out
of the immense
clouded canopy overhead;
I love to see all that water
frozen into one million,
majestic, powdery crystals.

I love to see the sun shine
effervescently against
the blanketed ground,
with ice dripping
like opaque jewels
from hovel-eaves and tree-limbs.

I love to see the evergreens
contrastingly covered
with white powder.
I love Christmas trees
and Christmas lights
and all the Nativity sets.
I love Christmas; I love Winter.

I love the way
cold fronts tuck a blanket
of wool around the world
until she can awake rejuvenated.

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