My Fourteenth Published Writing: Poem “My Generation”


On July 19, Flashes of Brilliance, associated with, published my poem “My Generation.” Go check it out at the Flashes of Brilliance website. While you are there, peruse the other good authors Flashes is publishing.

“My Generation” is a poem I adapted from a song of the same name that I wrote back in 2015, and that song was inspired by the 1965 the Who single and album also of the same name. I translated my song into this poem by removing the end-of-line rhymes and doing other sorts of tinkering with the wording and lines. The first and final stanzas of the poem are supposed to be the chorus of the song, as are the single-line third and fifth stanzas. The second, fourth, and sixth stanzas are supposed to be the verses. The seventh stanza is supposed to be the bridge. The first and final “chorus” stanzas are four lines each, and the “verse” stanzas are six lines each. The “bridge” stanza is four lines. “My Generation” is about the plight of the Millennial and Zoomer generations, primarily in America.

I am currently working on adapting the “My Generation” song into another poem called “Generation” or “Generations.”

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