“The Arrogants”


In way of introduction to this poem, I only wish to say I am not the “I” of the poem.

“The Arrogants”
By Ethan McGuire

I feast on the leaves as they grow in the forest.
I descend to earth, and I swallow the flames.
I take what is mine, a debt if you owe it.
I never falter in feeling agony.

I set my sights on the hill of the wise-men;
in towers of men they divide our world.
Ever their tall minds are doubled inside.
I break down the doors, and I worry their mirth.

There is no height I will not climb to throw
a name from a mountain to place mine instead.
True, honest lies are of no concern, the farce
outperforms all as we fall on our skulls.

For I am the fire; I am the rain.
I rise from the earth, and I fall anew.
I’ll only blame you if you don’t know my star.
This is my story, and I’m unashamed.

Whatever happens now, I’m unafraid.
Nothing else matters. Uncontrolled I remain.
I’ll walk through the fire; I’ll run through the flames.
I am, and forever I shall feel, unashamed.


I wrote “The Arrogants” in 2016. You may be able to deduce why it is relevant still, especially this year.

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