My Seventh Published Writing (Sixth is This Site): Poem “Dreamdust”

Let the dust become one with the air.

My seventh published piece of writing (I am counting this website as my sixth), and my second poem published by the West Florida Literary Federation’s The Legend, appeared in the February issue of The Legend newsletter, only a few days before Valentine’s Day.

I wrote “Dreamdust” for the woman who is now my wife (have you noticed a trend in my writing I have discussed so far on The Flummoxed?) while we were in college together:

By Ethan McGuire

Take my fields of dreams,
and scatter them to the winds.
Let the sod become dust.
Let the dust become one with the air,
and permit the dust to carry
its knowledge to the wandering clouds.

Pour my goals into
the lakes and the oceans, where
they will be lost within
one billion other variously
abandoned thoughts, and, even so,
my love for you will remain intact.

Yet you want my dreams whole,
for you are not the winds.
I look into your eyes, and I see love.

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