Seven Days of Valentines: Poem “My Love”

The Dancing Couple, Jan Steen, 1663, via the National Gallery of Art, open access
If I remember correctly, I also wrote this for my Creative Writing class in college, but I know for sure I wrote this somewhere between late 2012 and early 2014 and still early on in my relationship with the lovely woman who is now my wife. Of course, the poem is about her, a version of her idealized by love, sure, but I stand by the words.
“My Love”
By Ethan McGuire

Oh! I espy you my love!
More beautiful than words
of poets witty and sharp,
you are lovely beyond measure!

Your smile is a sun,
warming and life-bringing.
Your voice is a music,
lyrical and pleasant.
Your laughter is a river,
soothing, rippling, smiling.
Your hair is a chuckling fountain,
flowing and caressing.

Your presence is a moon,
light shining in the dark.
Your approach is exciting,
making my heart beat faster.
Your character is passion,
wise, caring, and discerning.
Your love is pure.

How can I earn your love, my dear?
I know you are sincere and true.

You think of what to say,
and you say it with gentleness.
You make good on your promises;
there are none can blame you.
You do what must be done,
then have fun as you may.
You love God and people
and wish you could help more.

You feel a hot compassion;
you nurse the sick and care.
You reach out to the lost,
but never go degrading;
you befriend those
who hate patronizing.
You do these things and more;
I love you for it all.

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