Seven Days of Valentines: Poem “The Awesome”

Beggar Couple with Landscape in Background, after Jacques Callot, 17th century, via the National Gallery of Art, open access

This is a poem I wrote in the midst of a long-distance period in my relationship with my wife-to-be, of which periods my wife and I have endured many. The poem isn’t good, necessarily, but it was me trying to get at that sort of long-distance yearning through writing while I was in the middle of experiencing those feelings.

“The Awesome”
By Ethan McGuire

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve shaken your name. . .
then the memories return, and I fall in love again;
there’s just something about you that I can’t forget.
I wonder if you feel the same as I do.

I look at all the pictures I have of you,
and I want to say your name,
but you are so far away . . . though love. . .
Love knows no bounds.
Do you feel for me the love I feel for you?

If you ever do reject me,
I don’t know that I’ll cry tears;
I just know this: loving another. . .
Loving another will take a long while.
I can’t free myself of these feelings;
I’ve fallen. . . I guess I have fallen.
Do you love me too?

I’ve written poems about your beauty,
inner and outer both.
I stand behind those to this day,
and my heart aches deeply for you.

I wonder if you feel the same as I do.
I love you. . .

I love you.

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