Seven Days of Valentines: Poem “Valentine”

Dancing Couple (Tanzpaar), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1909, via the National Gallery of Art, open access

This is almost too “cute” for me to even post, but here it is, a Hallmark-card-level-sappy poem I wrote, with the inherently romantic fourteen lines, and gave to my incredible wife, along with a gift, on the Valentine’s Day before our wedding. I wrote it thinking back on that awkward time before you tell someone you love romantically that you do indeed love them. That really can be a super saccharine moment, especially for young lovers.

By Ethan McGuire

This might sound real corny,
But it is all the truth:
From the first time that we met,
You were the most awesome girl I knew.
Yeah, I’ve got to say you captured me
Without even trying to,
And I’m not sure that you like me,
Though I kinda’ think you do,
But really what I need to say
Is that I do like you.
I guess you probably know that,
But I’m not sure that you do.
So here I am just telling it
In this valentine to you.

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